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Ready to Eat Meals

Take the guesswork out of AIP with delicious, AIP-approved meals delivered right to your door! 

$325 for 30 specially curated meals for people with autoimmune conditions.(10 days, breakfast, lunch and dinner)

These meals are perfect whenever you need a boost of nourishing, anti-inflammatory foods without the time, effort or energy it typically takes to cook. 

Meals include only the highest-quality grass-fed and free-range beef, chicken and pork, including a 5-oz serving of protein and a 6-oz serving of vegetables.

Enjoy chef-developed AIP meals like:

  • Turkey and Pork Sausage Breakfast Skillet
  • Bell & Evans Organic Kale Pesto Chicken with Organic Butternut Squash, Cauliflower and Mushrooms
  • Plainville Farms Turkey Burgers with Organic Cabbage Slaw and Butternut Squash
  • Heritage Farms Pork Meatballs in AIP Marinara served with Organic Broccoli and Parsnips
  • Grassland Beef's Grass-fed Herb Braised Beef with Organic Sweet Potato Mash

Perhaps you're struggling with a learning curve when it comes to AIP cooking. These meals are expertly prepared using chef-developed recipes, ensuring they're not only delicious but completely AIP-compliant. 

Prepared AIP meals also come in handy when an autoimmune flare or other chronic symptoms leave you too weary to cook for yourself or your family. A package of meals can carry you through the busiest times with only the most nourishing, anti-inflammatory foods. 

Meals can also be stored individually in your freezer and pulled out for a quick breakfast, lunch or dinner on the go. Pack them in a cooler for AIP-friendly travel, too!

10 days of A.I.P. Whole30® Approved meals to include:

    • 10 AIP Breakfasts
    • 10 AIP Lunches
    • 10 AIP Dinners

These meals are provided by a Strength in Food partner True Fare

Sorry, due to customs issues, this product is available in the United States only.