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When you’re following an AIP diet plan, the idea of attending a seasonal cookout might sound intimidating at best. At worst, you might be tempted to skip it altogether! 

But why stay home when you can host your own AIP barbecue or bring the AIP party food yourself? 

This season of cookouts, barbecues, pool parties, and celebrations presents the perfect opportunity to help your loved ones understand your healing diet. Doing so can help you remember an important fact, too: healing is about more than what we eat. Social interaction and support are also key to our success!

So in this post, we’ll give you a quick rundown of AIP barbecue recipes, AIP party sides, and tips to help you host or attend your own AIP barbecue.

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How to Host an AIP barbecue

Interested in hosting your own AIP barbecue, cookout, or pool party? Perfect! When you’re the host, you have control over what’s on the menu for your AIP barbecue. That means you won’t have to ask the host about ingredients or worry about having enough to eat. 

Of course, we know that it’s perfectly possible to wow your guests while feeding them AIP-friendly foods. Why not consider this a chance to prove just how tasty nutrient-dense, autoimmune-friendly foods can be? 

  • Providing ALL the food for an AIP Fourth of July can be overwhelming, so remember that potlucks can be totally appropriate for a summer shindig. Provide the main course (see below) and a side, and ask guests to bring their favorite snacks, sides, or desserts.
  • Consider asking those who bring a dish to also provide a label with ingredients. You might even discover that this makes it easier for guests with other dietary restrictions or allergies to feel comfortable eating at your party!
  • Ask guests to Bring Your Own Beverage (BYOB!). Provide infused or sparkling water for yourself and guests.
  • Make the focus of your party something other than food — lawn games, swimming, or even a kiddie pool. Get creative!

If you’re out of recipe ideas, don’t fear! We’ve chosen some of our favorites to inspire your AIP barbecue.

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AIP Barbecue Recipes for Your Cookout

Creating an AIP barbecue main dish is surprisingly easy! In fact, the grill may be one of the simplest ways to impart a ton of flavor without added nightshades, gluten, or oils. If you can access a smoker, better yet!

Our co-founder Dr. Sarah Ballantyne, Ph.D., is our go-to for AIP recipes. Try serving herGarlic-Roasted Pork Shoulder,Greek-Inspired Baked Chicken Breast, andLemon-Tarragon Salmon (none of which require a grill!) as main dishes at your summer get-together.

For an even simpler solution, try simply grilling chicken, salmon, shrimp or pork. Dr. Ballantyne’s geniusAIP Barbecue Sauce adds fabulous barbecue flavor to anything on your menu, and your guests won’t even miss the nightshades!

Reminder: everyStrength in Food subscription comes with access to even more of Dr. Ballantyne’s exclusive recipes inside our Member’s Portal (seeA Peek Inside Our Exclusive Member’s Portal to learn more!).

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AIP Sauces, AIP Sides, and AIP Desserts for Cookout Season

Once you’ve nailed your AIP barbecue main dish, it’s time to turn to the real star of the show — the sauces, snacks, sides, and desserts! It wouldn’t be a summer barbecue without a table laden down with traditional potluck sides. By bringing your own AIP dish, you can ensure that you’ll enjoy this tradition as much as other guests. 

Once again, The Paleo Mom is our go-to for AIP sauces, AIP sides, and AIP desserts. She’s mastered the egg-free mayo salad side, something we know you thought you’d have to give up on the AIP! Try herAIP Notato Salad or, for a less creamy yet still traditional option,Cran-Apple Coleslaw orSimple Cucumber Salad

Dr. Ballantyne’sAIP Dinner Rolls would also make a fantastic addition to your AIP spread. For more snacky sides, we turn toKale Chips,Sweet Potato Chips, or roast other root veggies like taro using the same method.  Of course, simple AIP veggies like zucchini squash, yellow squash, onions, and even avocados are fantastic on the grill as well.

Finally, for dessert! Traditional baked goods might be off the table when you’ve eliminated gluten, grains, dairy, and eggs, but that doesn’t mean you have to skip the sweet treats! Summer’s the perfect time to enjoy ripe fruit like melons, berries, and stone fruit. 

If you’re hosting and can easily chill your dessert, The Paleo Mom’sPineapple and Lychee Granita orCashew Freezer Fudge (Make the AIP Variation) would be perfect. 

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One Last Note on Mindset and The AIP 

Often, we find the AIP overwhelming because of its impact on our day-to-day routines. We’re constantly chopping veggies, cooking meals, and tending to our shopping lists. Before we leave the house, we need to plan our next meal, pack snacks, and maybe even remember digestive enzymes—all while managing autoimmune symptoms. It’s a lot!

And, it can feel isolating. But when it means we avoid social situations, the negative effects 

Community is an important part of our healing journey. That means talking to our friends and family about our autoimmune struggles (see3 Simple Ways to Support Your AIP Loved Ones) and maybe even attending a gathering, even if it means making our own AIP barbecue! 

At Strength in Food, we want to help you bring a little joy back to the process of healing with an autoimmune diet plan. Ourmonthly deliveries are packed with AIP snacks and ingredients you’ll actually want to share with friends and family. Plus, everyStrength in Food subscription comes with recipes to show off and informational resources to help you explain the “why” behind your healing autoimmune diet.

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