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Today, we’re offering you a sneak peek inside our exclusive Member’s Portal! You have access to this ever-growing resource bank from the moment you subscribe to Strength in Food.

We know the AIP can feel overwhelming, so our hope is for the Member’s Portal to give you a one-stop shop where you can gain answers and inspiration.

What’s so great about the Member’s Portal? It’s simply packed with recipes, meal plans, and in-depth, “sciencey” guides from our co-founder Dr. Sarah Ballantyne. 

It’s like having a full resource bank on top of your monthly Strength in Food delivery! Let’s explore what’s inside.

spread of strength in food resources

AIP Recipes

Bored with your usual rotation of AIP meals? Your Member’s Portal is here to help!

It’s packed with nearly 150 AIP-compliant recipes from notable creators like our co-founder Dr. Sarah Ballantyne of The Paleo Mom!

Some examples of what you’ll find inside:

Simple, nutrient dense vegetable sides like carrot lime slaw, taro hash, tostones, AIP french fries, and balsamic-roasted beets.

Innovative, egg-free breakfast ideas like egg-free breakfast casserole, banana “nut” pancakes, “chocolate” green breakfast smoothie, and “oatmeal” raisin cookie dough parfait.

Main dishes that are worthy of company, like P.F. Chang’s copycat lettuce wraps, Korean instant pot short ribs, baked spaghetti squash carbonara, and oven-baked cod with spring vegetables.

Curious about how meals like these fit into your AIP menu? Many of them appear in our full meal plans. Let’s talk about those next!

aip banana nut pancakes

AIP Meal Plans

Meal plans are an essential part of your successful AIP. It sounds counter-intuitive, but putting a bit of forethought into a meal plan will save you so much mental energy when your week becomes hectic and stressful.

We put together a great blog post onHow to Create a Weekly AIP Meal Plan,  but if that’s a bit too much, we have a simpler solution: the Member’s Portal includes 12 (!) full meal plans just itching to be printed.

Each meal plan includes:

7 days of planned meal ideas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Meals are designed to work together and make use of leftovers, crucial for saving time and money on the AIP!

Complete and organized AIP shopping list.Ready to print (or view on your phone) and take straight to the grocery store!

12 months of weekly meal plans mean over 3 months of the AIP, planned for you. Talk about an easy button! Plus, don’t forget that a full one-week meal plan is also included in  your Strength in Food delivery box.

strength in food meal plans for aip

AIP Resources

One of our favorite aspects of the AIP is that there’s always more to learn! It goes beyond a Hashimoto’s diet, a set of foods to eat for autoimmune disease or a simple Yes/No list. Once you know what’s “in” and what’s “out,” what’s next?

We suggest you turn to “why?”

You see, understanding the reason you eliminate certain foods is absolutely essential when the going gets rough.

The same is true of the lifestyle adjustments recommended along with the AIP. We’re talking things like sleeping 8+ hours per night, getting plenty of low-intensity exercise, and mitigating stress. It’s easy to push off these adjustments, but they can make a major impact on your AIP success.

Inside the Member’s Portal, you’ll find resources for digging into all this and more. Each is formatted as a print-ready PDF, so you can hang them on your fridge, in your workspace, or slip them into your planner. Whether you’re looking for a quick cheat sheet or an in-depth dive, there’s something for everyone inside our resource bank.

A few examples of topics and information you’ll find covered inside:

  • Autoimmune disease
    • Introduction to the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol
    • Your AIP Kitchen
  • Offal and bone broth
    • Offal and Bone Broth Overview
    • The Benefits of Offal
  • Sleep
    • Tips for Improving Sleep
    • Why Do We Need Sleep?
  • Stress
    • Mindful Meditation
    • How Stress Impacts Autoimmune Disease
  • The gut microbiome
    • The Gut Microbiome and Autoimmune Disease
    • Facts About the Microbiome

The bottom line: if you love nerding out on science you’re going to love the resources in our Member’s Portal! We're adding new recipes, meal plans, and resources all the time, so there's always something to love.

The Member’s Portal is designed to give you access to resources beyond your Strength in Food delivery, but don’t forget there are yummy snacks, pantry staples, and supplements (if you choose) in every delivery, too.

To give you a taste of what you'll find in the Member's Portal, we're offering you a FREE download of the PDF Constructing an AIP Plate. Just pop your email in below and we'll send you this free resource!

Resources like these are all available inside your Member's Portal when you subscribe to any Strength in Food delivery. Start your subscription today!

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