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In today’s post, we’re doing a little something different. We want to talk directly to those of you who are supporting loved ones on the AIP!

Whether we’re talking about your husband, your daughter, or your best friend, know that your role as a support system is crucial to their success on the protocol. Just one person can make a world of difference in helping someone feel less isolated and more at ease with the process of AIP healing.

In this post, we’ll suggest three easy ways you can cheerlead your loved ones on the AIP.

Listen without judgment

If you’re seeking to support a friend or loved one through their AIP journey, sometimes the best thing you can do is simply listen.

Chronic disease can be incredibly isolating. Many of us with autoimmune diseases struggle with symptoms that disrupt our daily lives. Fatigue, pain, and digestive issues can easily mean canceled plans, lost sleep, or a feeling of dread.  Many of the activities we once loved might be unavailable to us as we’re healing.

And, though we know the AIP is worth it, making different dietary choices than our loved ones can be isolating, as well. Many of us come from cultures where time together means sharing a meal or a drink. When our “NO” list is long, these events suddenly seem to be off-limits.

These situations might sound foreign to a healthy person, but to us, they’re a daily reality. And often we just need a place to vent! Whether we’re talking about the frustrating recurrence of a symptom or how excited we are to be reintroducing egg yolks, an open conversation is a gift.

Simply listen. And remember that while asking questions is helpful, passing judgment isn’t. Your loved one is an expert on their own body. Just support them, commiserate with them, and let them know you’re always there to listen.

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Ask them about their dietary restrictions

Once your loved one is on the AIP, you can help them by remembering their restrictions.

Those of us with dietary restrictions truly appreciate each and every instance where someone has said “we won’t go to that restaurant because it will be hard to find a dairy-free dish” or “let’s take a walk instead of going out for drinks!”

Sure, it can seem like a hassle to “keep up” with your loved one’s diet. But the AIP requires a lot of time, energy, planning, and focus. Your loved one is doing some hard work! And, if they’ve chosen this path, they’ve done so because they truly want to improve their health. That deserves your support.

So be the person who asks them what their diet entails. Keep a note in your phone with the details. When you talk, ask if they’ve made any reintroductions, how they’re feeling, and maybe even what recipes they’ve enjoyed cooking lately. If you want to go above and beyond, consider bringing them a compliant meal (and don’t be offended by questions about your ingredients!).

By letting them know you’re interested, you’ll keep them from feeling like their diet is a burden to others. You know they’re worth “the hassle.” Let them know it too!

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Give a gift that says “I support you!”

Nothing says “I support you” like a gift that helps make the AIP simpler! If listening to your loved one has revealed they’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or bored on the AIP, why not give them a little something to jumpstart their journey again?

Compliant snacks make a fabulous gift! Try You putting together a simple care package of AIP snacks, self-care goods, and perhaps a new cookbook to jazz up their weekly routine. When many of your favorite treats are restricted, nothing feels quite as indulgent as opening a package and being able to say “I can eat everything here!”

If the research involved in tracking down (or shipping!) all those snacks sounds overwhelming, we can help! We know that many of you are hoping to support someone on the AIP, so we created a gift subscription option for ourEssentials Package.

The Essentials Gift Package allows you to buy 1, 3, 6, or 12 months of supportive snacks and resources for your loved ones on the AIP—and have them shipped directly to their door, hassle-free!

You can rest easy knowing we’ve personally vetted every item in their delivery to ensure it meets the AIP’s rigorous standards. And as the long-time owners ofOne Stop Paleo Shop, we know a thing or two about curating delicious, high-quality snacks!

Of course, your loved ones will also get access to recipes, meals plans, and resources with every delivery, too. It’s hard to put a value on that kind of support, but we think it will go a long way in telling them how important their health is to you!Send an Essentials Package as a gift today!

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